GALM Intelligence Membership

GALM Intelligence - a new digital platform specifically designed for OEMs, Tier 1s and material suppliers - to International Magnesium Association Members.

GALM Intelligence delivers solution-based content and global case studies to help determine which lightweight materials can cost-effectively reduce weight in different parts of the vehicle and drive down cost of supply in high-volume multi-material manufacturing.

GALM Intelligence features an online library of 250+ case studies in video, audio, in-depth articles and presentation slides, making it a truly dynamic online offering for suppliers of magnesium components and OEMs.

We value the work of your association and we are keen to partner-up with your association by offering an exclusive 10% membership discount to International Magnesium Association members.

Part of the membership, members receive the following:

  • Fully Searchable Case Study Library In Video, Audio, Powerpoint & PDF Formats - Benefit from commercially driven technical presentations tackling the hottest automotive light weighting topics
  • Detailed Technical Reports On Cost Reduction - Forensically analyze multiple initiatives on reducing costs and efficiency gains across multiple automotive lightweight initiatives
  • Recorded Panel Discussions With Question & Answer Sessions - Delivering full transparency on detail-oriented discussions and "golden nugget" lessons to be applied in the real world
  • Past Presentation Slides & Data From LBCG's Entire Back Catalogue Of Automotive Lightweight Materials Related Events- Benefit from more than 100 talks
  • All Presentation Slides & Data From Future LBCG Global Automotive Light Weighting Events For The Next 12 Months Delivering Unbelievable Value - Gain full access to forthcoming automotive lightweight materials events, trends and case studies
  • Downloadable Audio Files - Listen while you drive or commute
  • Exclusive Executive Summaries On The Key Cost Reduction Lessons From All LBCG Automotive Lightweight Materials Related Events
  • Exclusive Cost Benefit Analysis Vendor Reports
  • GALM Intelligence App For Viewing Your In-Depth Bi Monthly Report - Benefit from a convenient digital platform for viewing the detailed bi-monthly report on an Apple, Kindle Or Android device. Alternatively, you can request that the bi-monthly report is sent to you in a PDF format
  • Technical Interviews & Surveys
  • Regular Technology And Training Webinars
  • 30% Discount On All LBCG Live Events*
  • 30% Discount On All LBCG Streamed Events
  • Access To Ask The Automotive Lightweight Expert Helpdesk - Strategic & Technical Issues Covered
  • 1 Free Ticket To The Annual GALM Intelligence VIP Networking Event
*Off the standard rate

To claim this exclusive 10% discount for International Magnesium Association members, simply visit and quote below at the checkout:
Promo Code: GALMIMA

Alternatively, contact us on:
Phone: + (1) 800 721 3915

GALM Intelligence is a members' only platform, but I would be happy to show you some of the free content, so you can experience GALM Intelligence first hand. As part of our partnership, we will include your website and a summary profile in our sought-after business marketplace directory

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