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Magnesium News 2017, December
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December 2017

Japan - Magnesium Newsletter (October/November)

The Japan Magnesium Association

Dream Fastener Inc. - New Ligation clip for a living body

(Source: ALUTOPIA, Vol.47, No.10, Oct. 2017)

Dream Fastener Inc.(Kita-ku, Osaka), bio-venture collaborated with Kobe University in medical field, is developing medical devices such as new ligation clip for a living body applying new magnesium alloys. The alloy consists of Magnesium, Zinc and Calcium, that is fed to processes followed by 1) add Zinc and Calcium in Magnesium, 2) hot extrusion at 250-450 degrees C, 3) aged at 350-450 degrees C, and 4) formed to net shape. This device uses newly developed magnesium alloy which performs 200 MPa.

Magnesium has 3 exquisite characteristics as material for a living body’s surgery devices, i.e.: 1) essential element showing low disorders in body; 2) biodegradability by reacting with water; 3) no obstruction for CT scanning and MRI measurement because there is no absorbtion of X-ray and magnetism. The Magnesium alloy’s strength has been enhanced and successfully enabled to control decomposition speed, which is proceeding to practical use development stage.

You-I Seiki Co., Ltd. - New Magnesium alloy pressing process

(Source: ALUTOPIA, Vol.47, No.10, Oct. 2017)

At the Automotive Engineering Exposition Nagoya 2017 held at Port Messe at Nagoya Port (June 28th to 30th), You-I Seiki Co., Ltd introduced a successful development of a Magnesium alloy pressing process with heat-only tooling at 150 degrees C while plate is at room temperature. 

Since conventional heater was able to be applied and conventional lubricant was usable, the company stated, “Significant cost reduction can be expected.”

At their booth, both conventional magnesium alloy and radiator fan that used Lithium-added high formable alloy were displayed, and demonstrated how to realize in shape keeping existing noise performance, vibration performance and coolability as well as weight saving.

Jaguar F-type New 2018 model, 28 models to begin receiving orders

(Source: Mynavi News, 7 Oct. 2017)

Jaguar Land Rover Japan started receiving orders of New 2018 model Jaguar F-type pure sportscar on September 30th, adding lineup of 2.0 liter 4 cylinders petrol engine with proprietary design and production and 2018 limited grade as well.

New design was adopted on both LED headlight and front bumper successfully saving weight more than 8kgs by means of newly developed performance-seat using light magnesium.

6 Engines are lined up from 300ps to 575ps. Newly developed 2.0 liter

4 cylinders turbo performing 300ps, adopted latest technologies such as Continuously Variable Valve Lift control (CVVL), built-in exhaust-manifold with cylinder head, variable flow valve etc.  Achieved 52kgs saving weight and realized excellent steering response.  Total 28 models can be selected by combination of Provided Coupe or Convertible in body type, AT or MT in transmission, rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive in drive system.

The price of F type coupe 2.0 engine for example is 7,940,000 JPY, first class model F type SVR coupe is 17,870,000 JPY including consumption tax.

HIBIKI SEIKI Corporation - Magnesium parts shaping by new cutting technology

(Source:Sokeizai-tsushin, 1 Nov. 2017)

HIBIKI SEIKI Corporation (Shimonoseki-Shi) started business 50 years ago, 77 employees.  Annual sales is 1,120,000,000 JPY (2015 fiscal year).  Equipped 43 Combined machines, 5 of 3-Dimensional Coordinate Measuring machines. 

Cutting and processing mainly for semiconductor producing equipment.  Isao Matsuyama, director stated, “We are gradually spreading our wing to Aerospace and Medical device field.”  Rotor blade prototype using fire-resistant magnesium alloy was exhibited at new technology exhibition, 7th Ota R&D fair in late October.

Because magnesium is easy to burn, rotor blade with thin and narrow width fin was enabled to produce without burning, which led to prototype proposal from JAXA. Shimonoseki is the city of shipbuilding and seafood deal is active.  The world largest factory of Bridgestone locates there and JAXA also established base as well.

Yosizuka system product - Ultra light magnesium alloy wheel for wheelchair

(Source: ALUTOPIA, Vol.47, No.11, Nov. 2017)

Yosizuka system product (Iizuka-shi) sells ultra-light magnesium alloy wheelchair wheel.  The main parts (Wheel rim, hand rim and hub) were originally designed and produced by Yosizuka and both spoke and nipple are procured by Japanese manufacturers, which means totally made-in-Japan. The biggest feature is the world lightest weight. Wheel rim, wheel hub, hand rim, spoke can be customized in color.  Tire color also can be selected in gray, red or blue. 

Standard color of magnesium wheel is metallic silver for hand rim, wheel rim, wheel hub and spoke is stainless material itself.  Size and Specification are 24 inch diameter/24 spokes/868g (excluding tire 24×1) magnesium alloy with stainless spokes.  Shaft 12.7m dia × 97-102mm L(foldable, rigid type), bearing space (Outer:52.3mm, Tire size adjustable 37-540 (24×1+3/8)/25-540mm (24×1) /23-540mm (24×1).

Expected retail price is 54,000 JPY/pc (Not including hand rim nor tire, tube). 

This prototype was exhibited at International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition.

Industry Association of Magnesium in Ibaraki at the 9th Japan Magnesium Exhibition

(Source: ALUTOPIA, Vol.47, No.11, Nov. 2017)

Industry Association of Magnesium in Ibaraki will hold the 9th Japan Magnesium Exhibition at Tokyo Big Sight cosponsored by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd, which is a part of SAMPE Japan (Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering).  November 29th (Wed) to December 1st (Fri).  Exhibitors will be Magnesium Research Center Kumamoto University, Gonda Metal Industry Co., Ltd, Suncast Co., Ltd, Daiichi Fabtech, Chikara Industry Co.,Ltd, Tokyo Magnesium Co., Ltd, HASHIBA INTERNATIONAL INC, Miyamoto manufacturing Co.,Ltd and YAHATA CO., LTD.

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd - Developed magnesium alloy for Engine peripheral Automotive parts.

(Source: The Nikkei, 9 Nov. 2017)

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. developed jointly with Toyama University a high performance heat resistance magnesium alloy for diecasting, which enables replacement from aluminum alloy for engine peripheral automotive parts.  Distinct features are compression creep properties at high temperature 150-200 degrees C and tensile strength moreover diecast castability.  Compositional variation during remelting and casting is quite small and recyclable. In addition, further advantage is containing no rare earth.

While needs for magnesium alloy is anticipated, there remains some issues on conventional magnesium alloy for Automotive, i.e. castability, heat resistance and expensive cost, which should be broken through.  Jointly developed with Prof. Seiji Saikawa of Toyama University, SEI has been working on these issues. Products will be introduced in market after ramp-up of production.

Domestic Magnesium Market - September, 2017

(Source: September issue of Import/Export Statistics (customs clearance basis) of METI. Compiled by The Japan Magnesium Association.)


Based on Import/Export Statistics of September 2017, magnesium import decreased almost half month-to-month basis despite favorable import quantity so far. Magnesium metal import was total 1,750.6 tons, 41.8% decreased for straight 2 month (43.8% decrease from the same month previous year), which turned back to lower level in May, 2016.

Magnesium powder was 295.5 tons, 26.2% significant decrease on month-to-month basis, having fallen for consecutive 3 month (3.3% increase). Other products continued to decrease down to 25.1 tons, 86.6% significant decrease on month-to-month basis (61.1% decrease).

Total was 2,071.2 tons, 42.4% decrease on month-to-month basis (40.3% decrease).

The metal category consisted of 4 products as follows: a) 1,406.9 tons of pure magnesium, 39.6% decrease on month-to-month basis (45.3% increase). Imports from Turkey turned back to 0 tons; b) 327.7 tons of die-casting alloys fell half, 48.2% decrease on month-to-month basis (39.1% decrease); c) 1 ton of high purity magnesium since 2 months absence; d) 25.1 tons of casting alloy, 66.0% decrease on month-to-month basis (61.1% decrease) below usual level of 20 tons. As for the average import price of magnesium metal in September, the price of pure magnesium 247.9 yen per kg, 12.8 yen per kg or 5.5% increase on month-to-month basis, swung upward after continued decline. The price of magnesium alloys soared up to 317.6 yen per kg, 28.8 yen increase on month-to-month basis (10.0% increase).

As for the total amount of import from January to September 2017, magnesium metal was 24,918.0 tons (19.4% increase from the same period previous year), magnesium powder was 2,926.4 tons (1.5% increase) and other products was 1,706.4 tons (5.6% decrease). The grand total amount of import from January to September was 29,550.8 tons, 15.6% increase comparing to same period previous year, stable hike YTD basis even though significant drop from previous month.


The export of magnesium in September consisted of 4 kgs of pure magnesium, 67.0% decrease on month-to-month basis (300.0% increase) entirely for USA, 0 ton of magnesium alloys. 0.8 tons of magnesium powder and granules,89.7% decrease on month-to-month basis (67.6% decrease), and other products was 4.6 tons, 42.0% increase on month-to-month basis (35.1% decrease) including 0.9 tons and 2.9 tons to China and Vietnam respectively. The grand total export was 4.7 tons, 73.7% decrease on month-to-month basis (91.0% decrease).

As for the total amount of export from January to September, pure magnesium metal increased to 106.1 tons (33.2 times of that at the same period previous year), magnesium alloy metal was 92.9 tons (74.3% decrease), magnesium powder was 7.2 tons (30.7% increase) and other products was 22.3 tons (0.1% decrease). The grand total of export from January to September was 228.5 tons (41.8% decrease).

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