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Safe Handling of Magnesium

New IMA Publication!
Safe Handling of Magnesium

The International Magnesium Association (IMA) has published Safe Handling of Magnesium. The use of magnesium is a rapidly growing commodity on a worldwide basis and millions of tons of magnesium have been melted and processed without incident by following well-developed safety practices. With proper safeguards, magnesium fires or explosions can be prevented. This brochure describes those practices.

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Spotlight Metal Features New IMA Publication in Safety Article

Magnesium is known for its safety concerns in the industry due to its combustive, reactive nature when produced or stored in certain forms. Despite potentially hazardous properties, handling magnesium in production is perfectly safe if particular aspects are considered and appropriate safety precautions are taken.

IMA's new Safe Handling of Magnesium brochure was a featured resource for the article.

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European Committee Held Online Meeting on 23 March 2020

Instead of gathering at PILLING in Altena for the first European Committee meeting, IMA organised an online information meeting for all European members. Martin Tauber, European Representative guided through the meeting and we were able to present an activity up-date for the last half year and also discuss future activities. The Committee reviewed a busy period with network meetings at DERA and Arbeitskreis Magnesium and European flagship events like the Euroguss and WerkstoffPlus Auto. We also appreciated our award winners in the Euroguss die-casting STIHL MAGNESIUM and GF CASTIING SOLUTIONS. The launch of the 3D Automotive demonstrator on the IMA website was another highlight of the resent period. The Committee acknowledged as well the restrictions on budget and travel for IMA, caused by the cancellation of the conference and the actual situation around COVID-19.

The Committee also welcomed our new Chairman, Ken White.

The next meeting is scheduled for 28.5.2020, 10:00 CEST.

European Committee

IMA Renews Contra Agreement with MMTA

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The MMTA and IMA agreed to provide respective member advantages & discounts for their memberbase. The partnership agreement includes mutual advertising on each other’s websites, and a listing in respective member booklets and buyers’ guides. The agreement also provides limited member rates for the flagship conferences, and general member discounts for all other events and publications.

The Minor Metals Trade Association (MMTA) is a not-for-profit organisation, which serves to benefit and promote the interests of its international Membership, comprising companies actively involved in all aspects of the international minor metals sector. The MMTA also organises a diverse range of events, the flagship event being the MMTA’s International Minor Metals Conference, which combines quality presentations with unrivalled networking opportunities. The Anniversary Dinner is held during the London Metals Week.

The respective member benefits are listed on MMTA website:

European Chairman Ken White and European Representant Martin Tauber will explore more areas of cooperation with General Manager MMTA Eva Model and welcome the agreement.

Event Notice: The MMTA’s International Minor Metals Conference 2020 scheduled for April 22-24,2020, has been postponed until April 14-16, 2021

Japan - Magnesium Newsletter
November-December 2019

The Japan Magnesium Association-

The Japan Magnesium Association (JMA) is proud to be a co-host for the IMA World Magnesium Conference in Fukuoka, Japan.


  1. Marubeni to expand into magnesium production in Canada
  2. SPACE, an inkless ballpoint pen used at the International Space Station
  3. Gic, magnesium frame adopted, 8.7 kg bicycle released in January

Domestic Magnesium Market (from October 2019)
(Source: October issue of Import/Export Statistics (customs clearance basis) of METI - Compiled by The Japan Magnesium Association)

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IMA Safe Magnesium Incident Reporting

The IMA Safety Committee would like to introduce you to a new IMA initiative designed to promote magnesium safety within the industry by providing critical safety information for use by our members and visitors alike. A “new” confidential Incident Reporting System has just been added where the user can share incidents or near miss occurrences (fires, explosions, etc.) with other users.

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Magnesium Lightest Structural Metal

IMA Booklet Available

The International Magnesium Association (IMA) published Magnesium: The Lightest Structural Metal in December 2018. This booklet provides a concise summary of physical, chemical and mechanical properties of cast and wrought magnesium alloys for structural applications.

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The Crucible

The Crucible

The Crucible

The magazine of the Minor Metals Trade Association.

In this issue:

  • News in Brief
  • Catalyst for Organic Sulphides
  • View from North America
  • The MMTA & UK Mineral Supply Chains
  • Roskill: Minor Metals in Focus: Manganese
  • CLP Regulation—Cobalt Classification

The Crucible

April 2020

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Magnesium News

China Produced 115.1 kt of Primary Mg in Jan.~Feb.

AMag One subsidiary concludes agreement with Canadian government’s clean growth program for CA$1,913,500 funding for demonstration plant

Aluminium has the potential to achieve full circularity by 2030

Western Magnesium commences buildout of commercialized pilot plant

Novelis Completes Acquisition of Aleris

China March daily aluminium output slips as low prices force smelter cuts

The Aluminium industry cannot escape the dramatic developments in industrial activity

Synthesis of Polypyrrole/V2O5 Composite Film on the Surface of Magnesium Using a Mild Vapor Phase Polymerization (VPP) Method for Corrosion Resistance

A Tailored AlSiMg Alloy for Laser Powder Bed Fusion

Improvement of the Laser-Welded Lap Joint of Dissimilar Mg Alloy and Cu by Incorporation of a Zn Interlayer

Degradation, Bone Regeneration and Tissue Response of an Innovative Volume Stable Magnesium-Supported GBR/GTR Barrier Membrane

Octopus launches Epsilon 140LC Airborne Surveillance Camera System

Magnesium body & spool Fishing reel

Mining technologies could capture ‘billions of tonnes of CO2 per year,’ says UBC prof

Bureau of International Recycling lobbies to speed up scrap flows

Primary Magnesium Alloys – China (Magontec Qinghai Cast House Project)

COVID-19: Impacts on the European Metals Industry

COVID-19 Crisis: We Need a Strong Europe Statement ahead of the EU heads of state and government video call

Coronavirus Global Response: EU launches pledging effort

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IMA Executive Networking Session #3
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May 4, 2020

World Aluminium
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September 7-8, 2020

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