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2020 IMA World Magnesium Conference

Call for Abstracts:
2020 IMA World Magnesium Conference

The International Magnesium Association (IMA) is pleased to invite abstracts of papers proposed for presentation at 77th Annual IMA World Magnesium Conference, 13-15 May 2020, in Fukuoka, Japan. Abstracts are invited from around the world to address all topics related to magnesium.

The IMA World Magnesium Conference is the premier international magnesium industry conference highlighting technological advances, innovative applications, and emerging developments in the global marketplace. This valuable conference will provide magnesium industry professionals with the latest information and advances on magnesium processes, applications, technology and environmental concerns. 

Share your expertise and knowledge at the 2020 IMA World Magnesium Conference. You will be helping to advance the industry and have an unparalleled opportunity to address magnesium professionals, industry leaders, and decision-makers, who seek cutting-edge information and problem-solving resources.

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2020 IMA World Magnesium Conference

2020 IMA World Magnesium Conference
May 13-15, 2020

IMA Safe Magnesium Incident Reporting

The IMA Safety Committee would like to introduce you to a new IMA initiative designed to promote magnesium safety within the industry by providing critical safety information for use by our members and visitors alike. A “new” confidential Incident Reporting System has just been added where the user can share incidents or near miss occurrences (fires, explosions, etc.) with other users.

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Safe Magnesium Brochure Available

Safe Magnesium

The flammability of magnesium alloys, and associated fire hazards with its use, are often exaggerated.

Purchase a package of 25 brochures.


  • Members $8.00 USD (includes shipping and handling)
  • Non-Members $16.00 USD (includes shipping and handling)

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Magnesium Lightest Structural Metal

IMA Booklet Available

The International Magnesium Association (IMA) published Magnesium: The Lightest Structural Metal in December 2018. This booklet provides a concise summary of physical, chemical and mechanical properties of cast and wrought magnesium alloys for structural applications.

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11th CRM Day: Policies & Regulations: Are EU policies sustainable and consistent?

The event, entitled “Sustainable Policy for Critical raw Materials,” gathered key players in the raw materials field. The event kicked off with two panels – respectively dedicated to “Policies & Regulations: Are EU policies sustainable and consistent?” and “A business perspective: Importance of CRM supply to European Economy.” The day concluded with a Member State perspective with the intervention of Germany.

Martin Tauber, President of the CRM Alliance, opened the CRM Day addressing the overarching topic of sustainability and its impact on global value chains and policy making alike. Mentioned examples of how sustainability has encouraged industry to adapt and evolve:

  • Apple – committed to using 100% recycled aluminium and to phasing out mined precious metals from their products;
  • Volkswagen – committed to using clean and sustainable materials for their e-products; and
  • T-mobile – implemented a Recycle Deal Option to buy back products from customers for recycling or reuse purposes.

Martin Tauber recalled the CRM Alliance Charter with its 10 principles as guidance in the development of sustainable policies for CRMs.

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CRM Day Presentations

EU Projects concerning Critical Raw Materials - CRM Alliance Newsletter, September 2019

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October 2019

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Magnesium News

Latrobe Magnesium moves to construction stage of new production plant, targets increased global demand

Vaast Brand launches with mountain bike made from Allite Super Magnesium

BCAST invests in new Light Metals Research Center

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77th Annual IMA
Magnesium Conference
Fukuoka, Japan
May 13-15, 2020

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