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74th World Magnesium Conference

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The 74th World Magnesium Conference will be held May 21-23, 2017 at the Shangri-La Hotel Singapore.

This is the premier international magnesium industry conference highlighting technological advances, innovative applications, and emerging developments in the global marketplace. Read more...

IMA Promotes the Use of Magnesium at National Tradeshows

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IMA recently started a global campaign to promote the use of Magnesium at national and international trade shows. Through IMA’s Americas and European committees, a number of tradeshows were selected to increase awareness of Magnesium use in key industries.  Read more...

Critical Raw Materials Alliance hosted second CRM Day in Brussels, Belgium

On 27 September 2016, the Critical Raw Materials Alliance hosted its second CRM Day in Brussels, Belgium. The day, entitled “CRMs & the Circular Economy: One of the Five Priority Areas (of what?),” gathered both producers and users of critical raw materials, as well as high-level policy-makers, to discuss the many challenges pertaining to CRMs and the Commission’s concept of circularity. Read more...

2016 GALM Conference Asia

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The 2016 Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Asia Conference took place September 28-29 in Shanghai and IMA was well represented. Read more...

Japan - Magnesium Newsletter (June)

The Japan Magnesium Association-

  1. Mercedes-Benz Japan announced brand-new open model. 
  2. Dell Inc. released 3 new models of tough notebook. All work properly under severe conditions.
  3. Fujifilm released dust & drip-proof mirrorless “X-T2,” the next version of X-T1, introduced 2 years ago.
  4. Japan Steel Works, Ltd reports bright prospects for magnesium parts and machinery demand.
  5. METI integrated Iron-Steel Div. and Nonferrous Metal Div. into “Metal Industries Division”

Domestic Magnesium Market - May, 2016
Source: May issue of Import/Export Statistics (customs clearance basis) of METI. Compiled by The Japan Magnesium Association.


Japan - Magnesium Newsletter (July)

The Japan Magnesium Association -

  1. NEDO, Selected Themes on "Bridging R&D and Business Promotion for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Project”
  2. Macrw Co., Ltd., Magnesium cold drawn tube adopted on turn-table
  3. Tohoku University, Developed world’s first ultralight shape memory magnesium alloy
  4. Exhibition tour report “Automotive Engineering Exposition 2016”

Domestic Magnesium Market - June, 2016
Source: June issue of Import/Export Statistics (customs clearance basis) of METI. Compiled by The Japan Magnesium Association.


September/October 2016

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74th World Magnesium Conference
May 21-23, 2017

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