Magnesium News 2016, Sept-Oct
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September/October 2016

Critical Raw Materials Alliance hosted second CRM Day in Brussels, Belgium

On 27 September, 2016, the Critical Raw Materials Alliance hosted its second CRM Day in Brussels, Belgium. The day, entitled “CRMs & the Circular Economy: One of the Five Priority Areas (of what?),” gathered both producers and users of critical raw materials, as well as high-level policy-makers, to discuss the many challenges pertaining to CRMs and the Commission’s concept of circularity.

It also consisted of two keynote speeches, from the European Commission’s Directorate GROW and its Joint Research Centre (JRC). It became clear from the debate that whilst improving resource efficiency, product design and increased recovery of CRMs was a welcomed step, it can never entirely replace the need for primary CRM production. In fact, CRM Alliance President, Martin Tauber, stressed that, “Due to the unique properties of CRMs and their usage in green technologies, the demand for CRMs will only increase over the coming years. As a result, increased recovery and recycling of CRMs could never sustain the level of demand required by EU industry.”

Apart from the wide variety of topics discussed during the day, from speeches on CRMs, REACH and the Defence Sector, to the use of rare earths in lightening applications, the founder of the MEP (Members European Parliament) Interest Group on Critical Raw Materials, MEP Professor Carlos Zorrinho launched the MEP Interest Group’s Joint Statement. The statement, signed and approved by the other 10 members of the interest group, calls upon the European Commission to devise a European CRM policy, which takes into account the specific aspects of CRMs in all relevant future legislation, as well as underlines the importance and dependence of CRMs for the EU economy.

About 40 participants at the Luncheon CRM day

Maurits Bruggink, Martin Tauber handing over the Joint Statement to Carlos Zorrinho

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