2012 IMA Environmental Responsibility Award
The International Magnesium Association (IMA) awards environmentally progressive and responsible companies in the 2012 International Environmental Responsibility Award competition.

Awards can be given in two categories:

  1. Magnesium Production & Processing and
  2. Magnesium Applications and Components.

The award entries are judged on the basis of achieved and documented reduction of carbon dioxide equivalents. All IMA Award winners were announced at the 69th Annual World Magnesium Conference held in San Francisco, California.

The IMA Environmental Responsibility Award was created in 2010 to recognize companies that are playing an active role in reducing the magnesium industry’s carbon footprint and that exemplify the global magnesium industry. It includes all aspects of the magnesium industry from primary production through end-user industries.

The International Environmental Responsibility Award for Magnesium Production and Processing for 2012 was presented to Shaanxi Magnesium Association (SXMA), Shaanxi Province, China. They were awarded for their energy efficiency and emission reduction of magnesium-smelting production through initiating cyclic economy and using waste semi-coke gas. This process realizes the recovery of waste energy by consuming 5t less of standard coal per tons of magnesium. Using semi-coke gas enhances the clean level of magnesium production when compared to the traditional practice of using coal gas as fuel.

A winner for the Magnesium Applications and Processing category was not selected in 2012 as there were no entries.


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